Cornivore comic
[[Soup spoon in Vegan mouth.]] Narrator: The bad way to defeat a vegan. Carnivore: ha HA! There's beef in that bullion. Herbivore: You bastard! [[Soy milk container on table.]] Narrator: The better way. Carnivore: ha HA! That's cow's milk your drinking. Herbivore: It burns! [[Eating a corn off cob.]] Narrator: The best way. Carnivore: ha HA! That's monkey corn. Herbivore: What? Carnivore: The blood, sweat, and tears of exploited monkey farmers went into that ear of Jubilee Supersweet. Herbivore: What? Carnivore: That's right. I trained monkeys to grow corn. Herbivore: I suppose I'm offended.

7/25/12 2:50PM

I hope we all agree that Vegans can be smug and sometimes need a good defeating. Hell, I’m vegetarian primarily for the sense of moral superiority it provides. And as a better-vore, I know that first panel is labeled “bad” and not “worst” because soup broth can get fishy. You wouldn’t believe how often people go for the worst way, just sticking meat in your food. Or maybe you would, you bastard.

If you don’t understand why the last way is best perhaps it would behoove you to know that many vegans take a stance against honey.

Will was deadset on the humor of a real strain of corn in the third panel. We’re not saying Jubilee Supersweet was the best choice, but we challenge you to find a better one.