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[[Mother back to son folding clothes, him drying off hair.]] Mom: Oh, that reminds me. Mom: Your girlfriend texted while you were in the shower. [[Mother turned around still holding a piece of clothing.]] Mom: I responded for you. Son: Mom! Mom: I sent her a picture of your penis. [[Boy staring blankly, mouth agape. Mom: Is that not what the kids are doing these days?

8/22/12 2:55AM

Somehow, the guy has held in all of his water dripping until the last panel. Unless that water is a dropped towel. Unless that dropped towel is a puddle of urine. You don’t really see people peeing themselves in these sorts of situations. Or really any situations. I’d say I’m mostly grateful for that.

And because I’ve kept this post short, some education and entertainment.

Nipples Out,