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[[Guy dressed in suit back of the head. Conference table with two guys.]] Man: What can I do for you? Man: I bring a patented method of rigorous testing developed over years of field experience. Man: Not only can I guarantee a better product, but my personal seal of approval carries weight in this industry. [[Shaking hands across the table.]] [[Back wall. Horsefeathers Mattress & Pillow ]] CEO: You're hired. Narrator: Years earlier. [[Younger guy in bed. Angry woman at door.]] Mother: Get out of bed. Mother: No one's going to pay you to sleep your life away. Kid: Poppycock.

4/11/12 12:00AM

If my life’s path ever brings me to pillow manufacturing, you can be damn sure that my company’s will be named Horsefeathers. Hell, even if I don’t, an imaginary pillow company named Horsefeathers is just as intriguing. Plus, the prospect of Horsefeathers not being real adds a whole slacker-fever-dream vibe, and along with it, a “totally” intentional deeper reading of the strip.

As much as I love horsefeathers and poppycock as synonyms for nonsense, they both pale in comparison to hogwash, and its implication that a hog washing is itself implausible.

Your gracious purveyor of hogwash,