Manicotti comic
[[ Two mafia guys speaking with their hands.]] [[ Fingers together.]] Leo: Tony, ya gotta try my old lady's manicotti. Leo: It's the best in town. Leo: The best. Tony: If I find out ya lyin, ya dead to me. [[Maybe sideways double chop hand motion. Smiling.]] [[Back of Leo's head. Tony with fork to mouth, staring angrily.]] Narrator: Only dead things are dead to Big Tony.

4/18/12 12:00AM

It’s probably cheating to use “Big Tony” despite THE Tony and Fat Tony. But consider not using the best name just because it bears resemblance to other popular names? Forgetaboutit.

Italian hand gestures are so inherently funny that we wanted to add something akin to this guy in the back of the first panel. In stead of cluttering, I wrote a bonus panel.