Your Princess is in Another Castle

Your Princess is in Another Castle comic
[[Panoramic view of Edmund walking through snowy hills.]] [[Edmund walking by the Lt. tabling.]] Lt: Those shoes are too tight for a man that does as much wandering as you. Edmund: You're right. How'd you know? [[Closeup of the Lt. Two finger salute.]] Lt: Lieutenant Obvious. 33rd Regiment. Candidate for captain. Lt: Say, you seem like a quick wit. Ever considered a career with the Obvious Army? [[Counting on fingers.]] Lt: You get countless benefits. We even pay for your education. Edmund: I need to learn to state the obvious? Lt: How else could I know that your recent nightmares involve unsanitary yeti except with rigorous obvious training? Edmund: But that's not obvious! Edmund: You'd have to watch me sleep to know that. [[Arm around Edmund's back, chummy.]] Lt.: Obviously! Lt: You're gonna fit in real good around here, Cadet.

4/4/12 1:38AM

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Seriously, Dan Long’s a bloody comic genius, and everyone and their mom’s mom should read Edmund Finney. Be sure to go far enough back to check out HIS stuff. He’s been running guest strips recently, and while many are great in their own right, it’s hard to match the master.

Finally, we suspect it’s bad form to substitute a redirect for a comic (we’ve never seen anyone else do it), but

  1. We’re super proud.
  2. We’re super lazy.
  3. There’s never going to be a good time to use that weird looking creature. Nipples points galore if you know what he is. Hint: we may have mentioned him before.