Paradocx comic
[[bold]]Rate yourself in the following categories: Well Below Average | Below Average | Average | Above Average | Well Above Average Quantity of work [[Above Average]] Ability to coordinate with team members [[Average]] Ability to coordinate without team members [[Well Above Average]] Compassion [[Below average]] Schadenfreude [[Average]] [[bold]]To what extent do you agree with the following statements: Strongly Disagree | Disagree | Neutral | Agree | Strongly Agree I prefer an agree/disagree scale to an above/below average scale for self-assessment. [[Strongly Disagree]] I can be a team player even when some of my preferences aren't met. [[Strongly disagree]] My feelings aren't hurt even when I think the team is turning against me. [[Strongly disagree]] I acknowledge that my feelings are invalid because they are unproductive to the work environment. [[Agree]] [[bold]]Select the number between 1 (poor) and 5 (excellent) that best represents your performance in the following categories: Organizing Tasks [[4]] Managing time [[4] Managing tasks [[3]] Organizing time [[4]] [[bold]]Finally: Rate your ability to rate your abilities [[5 crossed off, 2]]

4/29/15 3:42PM

This precipitated from a genuine self-evaluation given by the lovely Blaze’s employer. Blaze, while great at many a thing, is godawful at accurate (or positive) self-assessment. I proposed that hers and every such evaluation include perforce a question like our last. Then I realized its paradoxical nature.

I approached Will hoping the paradox could stand on its own two comedic legs, but those legs rendered a bunch of other comedic legs until we had a centipede of assessment lambasting. We dissected the juiciest segments, sewed them back together, and sent a comedic dodecapede (or so) back your way.

If anyone would care to use our creation at their place of employment, I’m sure we could throw together a version without responses. I’d rate its utility right around that of any self-respecting self-assessment.

Nipples Out,