Just a Crack

Just a Crack comic
[[Minimalist background. A line and a door.]] [[Two people approaching a door: a jerk and a fool. Fool a couple steps behind the jerk.]] [[Jerk opens the door about a third of the way. Fool still approaching walking.]] [[Fool stops and looks and jerks. Jerk smiling helpfully and/or mischeviously.]] [[Same panel.]] [[Fool pushes body through down forwards but hands on jamb and door respectively.]] [[Fool glares at jerk.]] [[Tries to sidle in squeezing.]] [[Strugggles with all limbs out of door but butt through.]] [[Pulling just his head through.]] [[Puff as fool gets through.]] [[Jerk standing in open door with hand on hip and waving fist.]] Jerk: You're welcome!

4/22/15 5:17PM

The possible awkward-ities inherent in door holding are well established. There’s a distance factor. The dreaded train of people. The putative requirement of thank you. But nothing supplements every-day awkward quite like malice.

Will’s been on a Graham Annable kick, and as he is wont to do, has tried to cramp his style. Appropriately, as this comic calls for both exaggerated expression and cramping. I didn’t kick alongside Will, but I did recently enjoy the Puzzle Agent games — with art design by said Annable — despite a glaring misnomer. I felt less a puzzle agent and more an agent of chaos, or at least, chaotic plot lines.

Nipples Out,