The Question of Happiness

The Question of Happiness comic
[[Teacher as part of a circle of kids, doing some sort of hokey pokey.]] [[Teacher pulling a kid aside. Squats down to his level.]] Teacher: Jimmy, I see you aren't clapping your hands. Teacher Are you not happy? Teacher: Or do you not know it?

4/15/15 9:16AM

The children’s rhyme in question, “If You’re Happy and You Know It,” along with “The Hokey Pokey” give kids the important choice of gyrating their bodies or embarking in careful emotional introspection. THAT’S what it’s all about.

(Or Hokey Cokey if you’re from the Britains. Or Cokey Cokey if variance in consonants causes your tongue to twist.[Like Peggy Babcock. Peggy Babcock. Peggy Badcop. Pebby Bagpock. Pegbygabock.])

Nipples Out,