Hats Off

Hats Off comic
[[Two guys standing next to each other in stadium seating.]] [[Hands over hearts. Man 1 with hat over heart.]] Music: ...what so proudly we hailed... Man 1: Sir, have some respect and take off your hat. Man 2: I'm not wearing a hat. [[Man 1 accusatory.]] Man 1: Sir? Music: ...through the perilous fight... [[Man 2 ashamed.]] Music: ..were so gallantly streaming... [[Man 2 now bald, with toupee to heart.]]

5/2/12 1:25PM

Ballcaps. Ha, more like baldcaps. AMIRITE!

This one formed as the bastard conversational child of Congress’s rules, and our comic that ignores them. You might even be able to surmise the steps that led that to the question of what counts as a yarmulke when covering your head for god is required. A few more steps, and BEHOLD, a comic was born.