From the Dutch for Pirate

From the Dutch for Pirate comic
[[Pirate telling a sea tale with a beer in hand.]] Pirate: ...so that I was, astride me battered planks. The mizzen-mast split asunder, piercin' the deck with a mighty din. We began takin' water faster n' Speedy Pete and the drink rose up to swallow us all... Pirate: ...and in that moment, I called to me men: "Men, though the inky black be swellin' beyond hope, do not despair, for I am with ye, as ye are with me. And, if we together aren't the best group a pirates ta' manage a sinkin' vessel since the Queen Anne's Revenge..." [[In the US Senate]] Senator: Senator Redbeard, could you at least try to stay on topic. Redbeard: If I be filibusterin', I may as might be entertainin'.

3/28/12 3:00AM

No, seriously. Look up the etymology. The title’s totally accurate. And ignore what you may hear; we TOTALLY knew that before we wrote this. Yep, totally.

Speaking of weird, when the main comic’s as off-the-wall as this one, I’ll try to make the bonus panel extra accessible. At least this time. I make no future promises.

For a hoot, check out the crazy loophole-fest that is the U.S. Senate filibustering scene. Time well spent.