Double Venti

Double Venti comic
[[Three business executives in suits, standing in a semicircle holding coffee.]] Guy 1: You hear the bad news? Guy 1: JP Morgan Stanley's folding. [[Pouring out their coffees.]] [[One guy pouring two coffees.]] Guy 2: Pour one for my homeowners.

2/27/13 6:35AM

Hello again, Nubbineers.

Don’t fret, unless newspapers are deceiving me, we’re not amidst another American financial crisis. Just a comedic relevance crisis. Whatever. If we can make jokes about early 60s pop hits and 30s poems, we can allude to whatever we damn well please.

The title cryptic? Then you don’t know stereotypical ghetto culture, haven’t seen Role Models, or forgot how to multiply. You should probably stick to easy jokes like the bonus panel.

20×2 = 40,