The Finger

The Finger comic
[[At a coffee shop Fan 1 leaning over to Fan 2.]] Fan 1: Dude! Fan 1: Dude, check it out. Fan 1: It's Dave Grohl! [[Tiny Foo Fighters symbol.]] [[Dave Grohl with his finger covered by sign.]] Fan 2: No, it can't be. Fan 2: Look how he's holding his coffee. [[Back to guys.]] Fan 2: ...Like a sissy. Fan 1: No, wait. [[Dave Groehl bringing coffee cup to mouth with the metal hand,]] [[Fan 1 smiling smugly.]] Fan 2: Rock on. [[in smaller type in big bubble]]

2/20/13 2:50AM

Once we decided to go with coffee, the choice of rock star was essentially made for us: already. Fresh Pots! My biggest regret is that we didn’t put this out soon enough to ask good ol’ Dave, who recently did a reddit AMA, if maybe he could start holding his coffee like this.

That’s good mourning (baddumitsh) in the second panel. I might mourn too if I learned my hardened rock heroes were sissies. Even if their machismo was teetering on the edge of gay already.

Some credit goes to the ever lovely Blaze whose generally awkward hand and body movements inspired this comic.

Nipples Out,