Anti-Choice comic
Smug Politician: Sorry little lady, in this state, we value the sanctity of life. That fetus deserves all the protection and privileges of any red-blooded American. Pregnant Woman: In that case... [[In courtroom]] [[Bailiff holding microphone to women's belly.]] Judge: You have been charged with grand larceny, unlawful tresspass, and fifteen counts of assault. How does the defendant plead? [[Lawyer talking to judge.]] Lawyer: My client clearly lacks the necessary mental faculties. I motion to move him, at first available convenience, to Blue Acres Asylum for further evaluation. [[Nurse bending over yelling at straightjacketed stomach in padded room.]] Nurse: Take. The. Pills. Nurse: Damnit! Nurse: Doctor, the patient is unresponsive and refuses all medication. Doctor: It appears we have no choice but to introduce a more aggressive treatment. [[Male attendant in all white, applying shock therapy to the hump.]] [[Two guys talking.]] Guy 1: And that's we can't outlaw abortion.

3/6/13 2:25PM

You know, Anti-Choice. As opposed to Pro-Death. Will’s a firm believer that this alternate nomenclature would do much in the push for moderate opinions. I, too, like the names better, but only because I’m both anti-choice and pro-death in a more general setting.

A consulting credit for judge-like behaviors and other good ideas we didn’t use because Will’s lazy goes to Alex Friedman, who also, turns out, is an authority on kitsch and electronic cigarettes.

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