Built Dodge City Tough

Built Dodge City Tough comic
[[Silhoutte with back light. Wyatt walking through saloon doors.]] Offpanel: Wyatt! I have a mind to run you through the mill, showing your face back here. [[Saloon tables, and bar. Cowboy back to panel.]] Wyatt: Now don't rile your dander. I ain't here to argufy. Wyatt: I know I gave you the mitten. But it's been all beer and skittles without ya. I'm hanging up my fiddle. [[Cowboys face to face look angry. Pointing bent arm in Wyatt's face.]] Cowboy 2: Them's kissing words. [[Kissing passionately]] Happy Valentine's Day from Up to my Nipples!

2/12/12 6:00AM

I had to read through an entire lexicon to properly construct this joke for you. By gum, look at the hoops we jump through to better befuddle you. There was so much good stuff in A-C that I thought about just stopping there, and if you caught me, I could have argued that it was for the sake of alliteration.

Oh, and despite being a few days early, seriously, have a Happy Valentine’s Day. Go shower someone, be it a lover or a scared stranger, with ungodly amounts of affection. And then convince them to read our comics.