The Prophecy

The Prophecy comic
[[Rolling hills of grass]] Narrator: Years ago, a shaman told me how I was to die. [[A babbling brook]] Narrator: If only I could listen, if only I could stay away, I just might live forever. [[Man hugging a bear]] Narrator: But they're too damn cute for my own good.

5/1/11 10:58AM

No gifted fortune-teller has cautioned me, yet I wouldn’t bat an eyelash if told bears would be my demise. I have a gaping soft spot for adorable, and occasionally dangerous, wild animals. With an ounce less self-control, it’s likely my limited past encounters with bears would have involved more hugging immediately followed by more murder.

Skunks are another weakness of mine, but I’ll just leave you this video, and save the tales of my run-ins with the malodorous striped wunderkinds for another time.

After writing this strip, we found a similar setup in the archives of a fairly popular webcomic. The joke’s different enough and the internet is enormous enough that we feel no qualms releasing it. We will, however, hand over precious nipples points to he or she who can locate said comic and call us out on it.