Work Day

Work Day comic
[[Early twenty something at computer desk typing. 40 year old man hovering behind him sitting in chair, looking over awkwardly]] Narrator: Bring-Your-Uncle-To-Work Day.

4/24/11 2:30 AM

Hooray, we need new characters to keep track of our comic count in Roman Numerals. Wait, that’s not even true. Nothing to celebrate here. Instead, celebrate Google, our humor hero:

  1. “16 nipples”: You’re searching for child porn, what else is new? And perhaps you’ve intentionally left out important words so you can claim ignorance when the feds come knocking. But here’s to hoping your search just gave you lots of these. And our comic, of course.
  2. “princess peach naked”,”naked mario comics”,”luigi and peach naked”,etc: Depending on how often you visit 4chan, you’re either blown away or entirely unimpressed by how many hits we got like this.
  3. “guard my nipples from a jackass “: Stop wearing the grass skirts and coconut bras, and those donkeys will have little interest in you or your nipples. I make no such promises regarding goats.