There’s No Telling

There’s No Telling comic
[[Mo, Humphry, Stan, Steve, and Officer Holmes focus on Stan, all of his chips are clearly pushed in. ]] Mo: You're bluffing. I call. Stan: How'd you know? Mo: Your pupils and the pulse in your neck gave it away. [[same view, Stan wearing sunglasses and a scarf.]] Mo: You're bluffing. I call. Stan: How'd you know? Mo: Your flushed cheeks and your breathing. [[same view, Stan in astronaut spacesuit holding cards, you can read 7 hearts 2 clubs]] Mo: You're bluffing. I call. [[same view, Stan in knight's armor]] Mo: You're bluffing. I call. Stan: I don't get it. How do you always know? Humphry: It's not so hard when you go all in every hand.

4/20/11 3:09AM

So here’s the deal; If you guys help us get to 50 (or more) facebook fans before Sunday’s release, we’ll post an extra (THIRD, woo) comic next week. I’m making this up on the spot, so Will’s heard nothing of it yet. Our buffer’s large enough and my slave-driving whip is barbed enough to enforce our end whether or not he agrees. We’re getting tons of new readers, I just don’t know if any of them read these bloggy bits. Fingers crossed.

Who’s that gangly maniac on the left? It’s Steve, of course. An observant reader may have noticed here, here, or here that Will’s artistic laziness made us look like we had the good sense to create other recurring characters. Why Steve? Well, it’s on his name tag in that last link, duh.

Panel 3 got me wondering whether astronauts attempt to play cards in zero g. This guy barely answers that question but does demonstrate a phenomenon in dynamics for the nerds out there.



4/20/11 2:39PM

I’ve never been one to play much poker as I find the endgame frustratingly similar to Risk: two guys spend long hours trying to diminish the other’s supply of small plastic tokens. At least in Risk, those tokens are soldier shaped, and I can reminisce of the better days, days spent alone in my room playing with real action figures.