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[[Three quarters view of guy and girl on couch.. Girl flirty eyes.]] Guy 1: You haven't seen Six Feet Under? Guy 1: Oh man, it's *bold*so*bold* good. We should definitely watch it. Offpanel Guy 2: Don't listen to him! [[Guy 2 accusatory point at Guy 1.]] Guy 2: *bold* He *bold* watches Grumpy Cat: The Animated Series. [[Girl slides away.]] Guy 1: I do not. Guy 2: You *bold* do *bold*. [[Girl looking disappointed.]] Guy 1: I've seen *bold*two*bold* episodes. Guy 2: Which means you've seen every episode so far. Guy 1: I watched the first episode because *bold* you *bold* put it on. Guy 2: And the second? Guy 1: I had to know what happened next.

10/21/15 6:35PM

I am susceptible to the very ruse to which our blue-shirted Lothario has fallen victim. As if by habit, I choose housemates with impeccably poor taste in television programming. Shield myself as I may, the shows they watch seep into my being, until I find myself having seen the entire first season of A Shot at Love. A majority of which I watched alone and secretly under the veil of night.

When found out, there was no denying that I “watched” the show. On the other hand, I wholly denied watching Beauty and the Geek. It’s not that I hadn’t seen it. I had. Multiple episodes, in fact. It was the philosophical notion attached to the word “watch,” a certain implied fandom, to which I took exception. My eyes might have been fixated on the screen, but inside, my ego was kicking and screaming.

This strip’s been sitting in storage for a while. Back then, internet cats weren’t as frequently found starring in motion pictures. It was truly a more innocent time; a time when Grumpy Cat: The Animated Series could be understood as light comedy, not impending programming.

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