As the Jim Crow Flies

As the Jim Crow Flies comic
[[with television box, Paul Ryan, Speaker of the House]] Paul Ryan: Now that I'm speaker, Congress can get back to what's important. Paul Ryan: What Americans really care about. Paul Ryan: Remember when Obama said the n-word four months ago? Paul Ryan: That's speech and behavior unbecoming of a president, and he has to be held accountable. [[House hearing]] First politician: It's bad enough that he embodies 1950's communism, now he's showing signs of 1850's racism. Second politician: [shrugging] But he's black. Second politician: Black people can say the n-word, right? [[Daily Post headline] Headline: House impeaches approximately half of President Obama. [[Lower headline: Florida Man Mistakes Alligator for Pants]]

11/4/15 12:00AM

We didn’t say it outright because “approximately” tickles other issues, but it’s his white half that’s impeached.

In case you missed it, Obama did indeed use said word in a relatively informal podcast. We wanted to run a similar comic back when it was news (vs. olds), but
(1) We were rarely releasing comics at the time.
(2) We were afraid of being racist.

Ryan’s appointment gave us an indirect way back in. And as your stereotypical conscientious bigotry fearing humorists, we asked our white and token racially-diverse friends to convince ourselves that this is okay. Or that we’re racist, but the joke’s worth it. Really, either would do.

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