In Harm’s Waze

In Harm’s Waze comic
[[View of the car no people visible, traffic cone being thrown out the driver side window.]] Passenger side: What the hell are you doing? [[Now visible inside the car. Driver not holding wheel throwing something ridiculous out the window with one hand. Holding the phone.]] Driver: I'm using Waze. Passegner: What? Driver: Waze. Driver: Could you pass me that old rusty rail road spike? [[Throwing the spike out the window.]] Passenger: Why? Driver: Points Passenger: Why? Driver: I used to just report things on the road. Driver: But I can accumulate points way faster if I just throw crap out my window and report that. [[Cop car pulls up.]] [[Something else thrown out the window. Barbell?]] [[Throwing brick]] Driver: Aw yesssss! Driver: Report cop location. Driver: That's six points!

11/10/2015 12:00AM

For those who prefer literary pun titles I offer “That Waze Madness Lies“.

In this comic, Will foregoes drawing most of nature and the near entirety of the interior of a car for efficiency’s sake. But then for inefficiency’s sake draws what I’m confident is the obese version of me and the girl version of himself. The side of that floating surrealist steering wheel means Will has also forgotten that we’re not British, presumably also for efficiency’s sake.

Waze, for the uninitiated, is a community-based map and traffic service. It warns you of upcoming speed traps, accidents, and whatever obstacle course your commute might offer you, and then, redirects you as it sees fit. It maintains its roadside sagacity by lavishing users who report said obstacles with points. Meaningless points, of course, but points nonetheless. And when there’s a way to take action that might increase an arbitrary number, people will literally go out of their way to increase that number fastest and bestest. See: reddit, videogames, everything.

That reminds me — if you could help us increase our totally non-arbitrary numbers on facebook, twitter, and everywhere else, we would love you unconditionally.

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