Unexpected Development

Unexpected Development comic
Narrator: 1980. Head: Let's hear game ideas. I'm thinking scary. [[People serious around board table except Developer 3, who's already nuts.]] Developer 1: Getting chased... Head: Mmm hmm. Developer 1: ...relentless enemies out to kill. Developer 2: In a maze. Head: Okay. Developer 3: Like The Shining! Head: Love it! [[Developers excited.]] [[Developer 2 pointing downwards emphatically.]] Developer 1: And the bad guys are horrible, scary like wolves. Developer 3: Or werewolves. Developer 2: No! Ghosts! Even if you [[italics]]think[[/italics]] you kill them, they come back. Developer 3: Cause they're ghosts, so they're already dead! Head: Brilliant! [[Developers off the wall bouncing excited, Head guy distressed.]] Developer 3: And...and the only reason you're even in this maze...is cause you're hungry. Head: What? Developer 2: Really hungry. And there's food everywhere. And sometimes fruit. Developer 3: Fruit! Head: What!? Developer 1: And you yourself are a delicious wheel of cheese. With one desire. One drive. Developer 3: Insatiable hunger! Head: Guys, I don't..[[cut off]] Developer 2: And if those ghosts try to get in your way, you'll eat them too. Developers: Yeah! Yeah! Narrator: Pacman: One catered lunch from the scariest game ever.

5/15/13 3:15PM

We’ve left in some glaring inaccuracies which the discerning reader might object to:

  1. The Shining came out exactly one day after Pacman. A pretty successful week in entertainment.
  2. While the head developer is a semi-accurate depiction, the rest of the developers should certainly be Japanese nerds, not two rednecks and a 70s cop.
  3. Instead the developers look like Buckner & Garcia of Pac-Man Fever and the voice of Pacman.

In case, you didn’t think I had already posted enough links, here comes another. Turns out, with a little first-person perspective, the horror can be salvaged.

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