Oh Henry

Oh Henry comic
[[Cameras, microphone with grip. Gathered crowd.]] [[John Henry looking knowingly.]] Reporter: John Henry IV, how do you think you'll fare against the machine come Tuesday? [[Machine and John Henry getting ready to start.]] Guy with starting pistol: 3... Guy with starting pistol:2... Guy with starting pistol:1... Guy with starting pistol: GO! [[Henry's position unchanged, Machine laid track far into the distance.]] Worker in machine: [[smaller bubble]] ...aaand... Worker in machine: [[smaller bubble]] done!

5/22/13 8:40AM

On the bright side, unlike the original, John doesn’t die of a heart attack. Instead, he dies inside from his crippling shame.

The tale of John Henry with all of it’s old time man versus machine is a stream punk wet dream. So wet it’s soggy Add a villain like Kenneth Branaghfrom Wild Wild West, and you’re…OH MY GOD!, that movie was steam punk way before I had any idea what that meant.

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