Cream of Clairvoyance

Cream of Clairvoyance comic
[[Man subtlely happy sitting at table eating porridge]] [[Man dreaming of seeing a seer.] [[Seer with porridge bubble.]] [[Just top of heads. Man upset.]] [[Dreams in pastel/hand drawn.]] [[Playing soccer.]] [[Marriage proposal.]] [[Car crash.]] [[Seer responds with just porridge.]] [[Man subtle unhappy sitting at table eating porridge.]]

6/12/13 7:45PM

Welcome home, Nubineers! We apologize for the extended absence. With the end of our respective school years, our lives were in various states of flux, and we had neither the required flux capacitor nor the 1.21 jiggawatts [sic] to steal our precious time back.

We return with a wordless wonder, which may have you questioning whether I, the writing heavy side of this endeavor, have returned at all. Well, I assure you, most times more writing goes into these mute strips than their wordier counterparts. The original idea had a perfectly loquacious protagonist. Problem was, nothing he said sounded good or necessary.

We worry, though, that some of those omitted words may have helped you suss out just what we’re trying to depict here. The fact that we intentionally wrote in two possible readings of this strip, one subtler than the other, doesn’t do much to clarify. We’re crossing our fingers that no matter your interpretation, intended or not, you get a kick out of it rather than kick us for it.

Nipples Out,