Personal Reflection

Personal Reflection comic
[[Man pointing at long oval-shaped mirror.]] Man: Chin up. You can do this. Man: You'll be great. [[Fixing his tie.]] Man: You're strong. Steady with a quiet confidence. Man: You see the world as it is. [[Two big movers carrying the mirror out.]] Man: You go and knock 'em dead, Mirror.

5/1/13 2:45PM

Since the obvious hilarity in the conception (with thanks to professional ultimate player, Neil Butler) and execution (with thanks to unprofessional comickers, us) speaks for itself, for once, I have room to here to talk about other things. Lucky for you, today’s other thing is an industry rant.

I worry that the looming end of Google Reader will negatively affect our readership and dedicated readership of webcomics in general. There’re plenty of RSS reader alternatives, but inertia’s a grumpy bitch, and when people’s daily content disappears come July, I wonder if they’ll have the motivation to reup their subscriptions somewhere else. Yeah, I like Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, etc in terms of content dispersal, but it’s far too easy to miss comics in those forums just by signing up for too much or signing in at the wrong times. RSS breeds dedicated fans, and without a powerhouse like Google Reader that connects to every other part of internet citizenship, those fans may disappear in a poof of smoke. Little guys like us just don’t handle losing readership well.

Mind you, if you don’t use RSS already, it’s awesome, and you should TOTALLY subscribe to our feed with one of the alternatives in the link above. We promise to love you forever.

Nipples Out,