Safety Manual

Safety Manual comic
Narrator: In the event of a sudden decrease in cabin pressure, an oxygen mask will drop from the ceiling compartment above you. Narrator: Place the mask over your mouth and nose and tighten the elastic strap until the mask fits securely. Narrator: If you're not a Jetventure Rewards[[trademark symbol]] member, and you wish to receive oxygen, swipe any major credit card through the reader.

4/24/13 2:40PM

If you harbor any scorn for us directing our comedic bile at the easy target that airlines provide us, may I remind you how much fun it is/was to pick on the easy targets that your younger siblings provide(d) you. And if you don’t have younger siblings, I bet you wish you did. And if you didn’t pick on the ones you had, what’s wrong with you!.

That said, my most recent flying experience was unworthy of derision. The flight was expectedly overbooked and for once, I had time to be the martyr. In this case, martyrdom got me a free meal in the airport, the next available flight on first class, and a voucher for hundreds of dollars off my next flight. To top it off, I made it in time for my connection; pretty handsome reward for waiting around in one airport instead of another. I suspect these inefficiencies play a role in the typical low opinion of air travel.

Nipples Out,