Pee, B, & Jellyfish

Pee, B, & Jellyfish comic
[[Woman in bathing suit hovering over a shirtless guy lying on his back on the sand next to the ocean. Big rebar through lower abdomen.]] Woman: HELP! Woman: HELP! Woman: This man needs medical attention. [[Real lifeguard pushing a beah doctor, M.D. out of the way..]] Guy: Outta the way! Guy: I got this. [[Woman now standing watching.]] [[Guy back to the panel peeing.]] Doctor:[[off panel]] Stop that! Doctor: What are you doing!? [[Doctor joining in the peeing.]] Doctor: Proper procedure would dictate we urinate directly on the wound.

4/17/13 6:00AM

At the beach and eager for the right way to say “Ladies, I have money, manliness, and drive even with this paunch and man-tits?” Look no further than the Beach Doctor. What’s a doctor doing dressed like that at the beach, you ask? How could he possible use a stethoscope over the din of the crashing waves? How does a white jacket take to getting wet and sandy? This guy’s a doctor, how dare you question him!?

Well, I suppose you have some grounds for questioning him, so long as he’s peeing on a flesh wound. Or apparently any wound. I’m a little upset that Friends lied to me, and Discovery channel them. But I’m way more upset that one more funny disease/remedy is no more than a seahag’s tale. C’mon Earth, have a sense of humor.

Nipples Out,