The Snarly Snoot (3/3)

The Snarly Snoot (3/3) comic
[[Female snoot]] I returned home with one Miss Snoottrout Dawn, Upon whom my snoot sure did fawn. [[Snoots together by couch holding up Mr. Nash]] The snoots made such a happy pair, [[Nash dropped on his face]] Nash was released right then and there. [[Snoots in a net]] But my story Isn't over yet, For I caught the snoots Inside a net. [[Ebenezar sitting]] And sold them to Sir Ebenezar Hoarchin, Making myself a stately fortune So dear reader, If ever a snoot you find, Towards it, you must not be kind [[Narrator with big money chain]] In its sale there's much cash to be made, And there's a lot to be said for getting paid. [[Claw picking up the snoots]] THE END

8/1/11 3:19AM

Now that the story’s complete, I can tell you the dirty truth. This whole enchilada was an animated short. Will cut and manipulated stills from that short to piece together a comic. If you had the wherewithal to have searched on the internet, you might have already stumbled upon it on youtube. If not, here’s a convenient link.

And because I’ve not added enough to the recent strips, I’ll do my part with more erroneously directed google searches:

  1. “guess my nipple”: I bet it’s right….there. *PINCH*
  2. “nipples street”: This guy’s got a weird nickname for the red-light district OR some city planner had a sense of humor. “Oh, go past Navel Ave, bear right at Cleavage Court until it turns into Side Boob boulevard. And it’ll be right there, you can’t miss it.
  3. “pants puns”: Wait, really!? You’ve come to just the right place. Finally google, you’ve done us right

Come Sunday, back to our regularly scheduled idiocy.