The Snarly Snoot (2/3)

The Snarly Snoot (2/3) comic
[[Narrator pointing at sky]] "I'll have my revenge!" I did then intone, And began to siege, his snootly throne. [[Narrator pointing elephant gun]] With courage and gusto I did assail, But all, alas, to no avail [[Closer up of narrator]] As failure loomed at the end of the day, I cried to the snoot "Good sir, parley!" Narrator: "Release my friend if you'd be so kind," Snoot: "Not until a girl snoot for me you find." Narrator: "Then I shall do as you request." Snoot: "for the sake of your friend, I think you'd best." [[Flying from USA]] So off to Africa in a plane I flew, [[In plane over Africa]] Where all the girl snoots lived I knew.

8/28/11 3:03AM

The poem with it’s made up animals and people in dire situations is reminiscent of Shel Silverstein. You know that guy that got famous with this, wrote heart-wrenching children’s books like this, and oddball songs like this. Most importantly, he looked like this.

If you like this cut-out look and have a penchant for the super-cutesy, you might try My Cardboard Life. They’ve been pasting together scraps into comics for years.