Minutes comic
[[Mo sitting at booth at table at chain restaurant on phone.]] Mo: I've been waiting forever. You almost here? Phone: On my way. Mo: The waiter's looks pissed. Phone: Just a little longer. Mo: How much longer? [[Mo looking distressed.]] Humphry: I'll be there in minutes. Mo: [[bold]]All of time[[bold]] can be measured in minutes. Mo: You're not even coming are you? [[Zoomed out few of Humphry talking on phone in bubble bath.]] Humphry: Why would you say that?

9/4/11 4:22AM

Humphry’d be livid if anyone did this to him. No worries, he views hypocrisy as an asset. Plus, he’ll never have the drive to be the first one anywhere.

In the category of shout outs, credit must go to the late great Jon Moon whose “minutes” quote I stole flagrantly to spruce up the dialog. Also, a firm fuck you to Wes who’s given me this very song and dance more times than I can count.

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