The Right Medicine

The Right Medicine comic
[[Unconscious man addressed by worried man.]] Worrier: Is there a doctor in the house!? [[Bespectacled man looking over seats.]] Four-eyes: I'm a doctor. [[Glasses man looming.]] Four-eyes: Of Comparative Literature! [[Looking at now healed man.]] Four-eyes: New Criticism is a lie.

9/15/13 12:18PM

Those very academic pursuits (of one Will) that have so impeded our once regular comic production have exceptionally bore fruit. Fruit replete with seeds of literary mumbo jumbo. I exaggerate. More like an avocado pit punchline of mumbo jumbo. Suffice it to say that unless you’ve studied English, maybe at a graduate level, this joke may not be for you.

I cannot deign to accept any credit for this comic nor can I pretend to understand it. Which probably explains my scathing and slanderous bonus panel. My only hand in the actual comic’s existence played out as follows:

(1) It appeared in my inbox.
(2) I feared it and what it could mean like the dark unknown.
(3) I thought the only surefire way to tame it was to post it here.

Nipples Out,