The Artful Dodgers

The Artful Dodgers comic
Two guys looking at art, hands on chins.]] Patron 1: The artist paints with such realism. Patron 2: Actually, I think it's a photograph. Patron 1: Does it matter? Patron 1: Should we assign art merit not on its beauty and depth but on its technical accomplishment. Patron 2: It depends what you consider art. Patron 2: Does art require artistic intent? Is not the role of every artist, at some point, one of curation? Patron 1: Do you propose we just discount technical mastery? Is a photograph of The Mona Lisa the same achievement as the piece itself. Patron 2: Yes, yes, but we can at least agree [[bold]] this [[bold]] piece is wonderful to behold. Patron 1: Certainly. [[Two patrons gazing at bathroom mirror.]] [[The guy in the sink next to them washing his hands looking over confusedly.]]

9/4/13 2:05AM

Before I tackle less important issues, I must admit that in the last panel, I can’t help but see a man peeing in a sink. As an inveterate sink urinater (urinator?) myself, I worry that Will’s art is acting as an ethical Rorschach test, exposing my sink-related belief system. No matter, I applaud Will’s artistic direction, as we’re an often neglected segment of society.

This comic vomits philosophically for the sake of tone and pacing. It answers none of the questions it poses and picks those questions as if they were selected scattershot from the domain of the philosophy of art. Our characters ignore one another’s inquiries to make room for their next statement which in the end, hopefully, bolsters the image of these two as fools (or geniuses!) Do not be quick, however, to summarily surmise that we Head Nubbineers believe the questions jejune. Quite the contrary. Now, please excuse me while I marvel in the artistic merit of my lavatorial creation

Nipples Out,