Minds Over Matters

Minds Over Matters comic
Good minds think alike. Great minds sue for patent violation.

7/24/13 3:15PM

Last time I aped A Softer World’s style, they had an eerily similar strip up within days. Let this be a test. If anything goes up about good/great minds within the next week or two, I call foul. Or strike two. Or some appropriate baseball metaphor.

On the topic of lawsuits, here’s hoping the surreptitiously shot subjects of this photo don’t sue me for using their visages. They didn’t notice me, and I didn’t want to go through with the:

“Can I put you in my webcomic?”

“Yeah, I know webcomics are usually drawn.”

“Well, the joke actually implies that you two aren’t as smart as him.”

“No, it’s not meant to be sexist. It’s just your poses worked better, and he was on the right.”

“Okay, I’ll delete it.”

Better to do first, apologize later. But maybe if any of you Nubbineers knows these lovely people, you could let them know that I now own their faces.

Nipples Out,