Temperality comic
Challah: Hey, what's up, Bestie? Challah: You said it's important. Pimiento: I just thought you should know that I'm demoting you from BFF to BFT. Challah: TEMPORARILY!? Challah: WHY!? Challah: But we're still best friends for now? Challah: What are the practical changes I should expect? Challah: I really don't know how to process this. Challah: Not only does it cast an ominous cloud over what only now appears to be an uncertain future, Challah: It also calls into question the legitimacy of our former BFF-ship. Challah: Well, I suppose depending on your personal philosophies of modality and temporality, this doesn't preclude a belief that there still exists a future in which our best friendship continues indefinitiely. [[thick blue arrows pointing to the three futures]] Future 1 Challah: No true BFF would ever hurt me like this. Challah: So I guess I agree with you. Future 2 [[Rainbow across the sky]] [[Same characters now as bread and butter, holding hands.]] Together: Best friends forever! Future 3 Pimento: See what you're doing. This right here. Pimento: This is why we can't be forever.

3/16/16 4:55AM

Will and I couldn’t decide which ending we preferred. By the power of modal realism, we avoided having to make such a difficult decision. Those three arrows are to read as equally real futures. If we’re betting on likelihoods, smart money’s on the one that’s tastiest and closest to the legend of Jesus.

Will claims to have modeled these characters on tween fashion, but these ladies both look 35, at least. In fact, at points, the blonde one is pushing AARP territory, like panel four, where her hand is suffering crippling arthritis.

Nipples out,