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Sense and Sense Abilities comic
[[Back of Humphry's seat in plane.]] Humphry: [[thought]] I was expecting the worst, but this movie's not half-bad. [[Thought bubbles.]] Humphry: Wait. Humphry: I'm on plane. Movies are always better on planes. Humphry: I've been fooled before. [[Thought bubbles.]] [[Deep in thought. Eyes up.]] Humphry: You know what? No. Humphry: I need to trust myself here. Humphry: I know a good movie when I see it. Humphry: And [[bod]]this[[/bold]] is a good movie. [[Clear shot of back of seat with live action Smurfs movie.]] Humphry: Gargamel, you salty dog, you!

1/8/12 10:32M

The joke doesn’t work as well if you don’t have a basic understanding of Humphry’s refined tastes.

Even though a lot of movies might have fit the bill for that last panel, few would have allowed us to toss nautical epithets at Gargamel, and no other would accurately present the source material.

You see, on a flight a month or two ago, I believed in my heart of hearts and more importantly my brain of brains that Horrible Bosses was a decent flick. But after being reminded of this phenomenon, I was overcome by the eerie fever dream memory of the five/ten minutes of Smurfs I watched prior being surprisingly adorable. Shudder. Is this what insanity feels like?