Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Undead

Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Undead comic
Fortinbras: Bear Hamlet, like a soldier, to the stage... [[lights fade]] Fortinbras: ...Go, bid the soldiers shoot. [[black]] [[Dead body under an urn]] [[Fortinbras reacting to a bad smell]] Narrator: Polonius remained well hidden for years, proudly perfuming the grand lobby with his stench. [[Ophelia's grave maybe with "Beloved daughter. Beloved sister" Yorick's skull sitting beside.]] Narrator: Ophelia and Yorick turned out to be splendid bedfellows. They cherish their lively conversations. Yorick: ... Ophelia: ... [[Leopard with bloody mouth]] Narrator: Fortinbras, unwilling to go through the rigamarole required of a regal burial, "accidentally" allowed Claudius and Gertrude to be consumed by his heiness, the Royal Leopard, Fortinpaws. [[Painting of hamlet hung on wall.]] Narrator: Hamlet continues to be dead to this very day. [[Fortinbras annoyed trying to sleep, pillow over ear.]] [[Ghost boos, lazy, small.] Narrator: The Ghost of King Hamlet stuck around with no one of consequence left to haunt. Ghost: boo. Fortinbras: I have no idea why you're still here. Ghost: boo. Fortinbras: Dude, leave me alone. Ghost: boo

2/17/16 4:45PM

My mother loves these “where are they now” endings on films steeped in reality. For her, they close up the characters into a tidy box to fit on a tidy shelf for better memory filing in her tidy brain. Hmmm, tidy brain sounds pejorative. I didn’t mean to call you names, Mom.

To me, it’s lazy filmmaking. If you wanted to tell us more about the characters, you should have added more scenes. Though I can imagine studios and editors aren’t keen on showing that the protagonist has spent the last twenty years on a farm just outside Peoria.

Before writing this comic, I hadn’t seen Hamlet 2, but I knew it existed. My dream of what it could be, but probably isn’t may have been inspiration for this comic. To my credit, I’d neither seen nor heard of Rosencrantz & Guildenstern are Undead, and it would be difficult to convince me that their movie is more worthy of that wonderful name than this comic.

Nipples Out,

P.S. That title and the bonus panel are both references to this glowing beacon of allusional art.