Parchment comic
[[Guy checking his pockets. Looking like he doesn't have anything.]] Guy: Think I can get your number? Girl: Sure, you got something to jot it down on. Guy: I don't have anything. [[Girl writing on his arm.]] Girl: Here, give me your arm. [[Ripping skin off.]] Guy: AHHHH! [[Handing the number. Guy smiling/wincing.]] Girl: Call me.

5/16/12 4:00PM

What? Where did you think parchment came from?

Ladies, those digits being scrawled onto the forearm happen to be the first several of yours truly. Now, I’m aware that Up to my Nipples’ brand of offbeat humor elicits reverie of dreamboat writers with impeccable comedic timing, but I must request for the sake of those poor 1000 people with numbers similar to mine that you do not attempt to find me. But if you decide to ignore my advice, I assure you I’m well worth the effort. Wink.

And if you can’t make heads or tails of that bonus panel, you might be surprised to learn that the service is available to you. Why there are so many area codes makes less sense to me. If the person doesn’t know you, they don’t know where you’re from, and having numbers from distant lands is not at all uncommon.