Voices comic
[[Shot from behind man. Staring in mirror, see the reflection. Bloodshot eyes, dark circles, straight face.]] [[Voice is scary black bubble white scrawled lettering:]] Voice: Do it. Guy: I can't. Voice: Dooooo it. [[Similar shot. Staring in mirror, now with scary overly smiling face, and holding knife.]] Scary black voice: Use the knife. [[Guy carving "Boobs" into a bathroom stall wall.]] Voice: Hehe. Boobs.

5/23/12 3:00AM

I’m not anywhere near my computer for the next week, so I’ve got to keep this brief.

But c’mon, who are the people doing this? If they were generally like these (my favorite), I’d have no qualms, but do I really need a makeshift drawing of an ejaculating penis or various combinations of words not allowed on television whilst taking care of business.

Rock ‘em Buds,