Overprotective comic
[[Man angry pointing at woman.]] Man: [[bold]] No one [[bold]] hits my girl and gets away with it. [[Man punching woman in belly.]] Man: Take that. Woman: Ooof! Narrator: Moments prior... [[Pregnant woman holding belly, grimacing. Boyfriend holding shoulder.]] Woman: Owww! The baby just kicked.

12/4/11 5:15AM

Will hasn’t whipped out his stick-figure style in ages, but this script was perfect for it. Pregnancy and stick figures go together like peas and carrots. He also tried to hide some creepiness in his drawing, but I caught him, and made a BONUS PANEL!!! to call him out.

Mind you, I don’t need to shout about bonuses anymore. While adding a Twitter button up top (hey! go check out our twitter!), I got caught up in more substantial changes and ended up adding a scrollover bonus button. Problem is, the majority of my bonus panels require explanation and back story. Whatever. At least it looks cool. Right?