Gouda Gouda Gouda Gouda Rockin’ Everywhere

Gouda Gouda Gouda Gouda Rockin’ Everywhere comic
[[Two guys talking. Back three-quarters view of one interlocutor]] Man 1: Cheese shop called. The Gouda's in. Man 1: You know the fastest way there? Man 2: I know it like the back of my hand. [[Other directional view]] [[Man 2 has stubs for arms.]] Man 1: Ummm. [[Man 2 motioning over with his head and eyes to a jar with a hand in it.]] [[Close-up of the back of the hand in the jar.]] [[Drawn out map with one end marked "Home." The other end "Cheese"]]

11/30/11 3:00AM

We need to keep references to our two favorite topics on equal footing, so I present to you the other hand: BONUS PANEL!!! The notion of a map to one’s pants gets me every time. Sure sure, the first map said “cheese” even though it meant “cheese store.” But I assure you in this case, it’s a map to his pants and his pants alone. I mean, I don’t even know of a pants-store. I know plenty of clothing stores with pants, and maybe even a few whose pants selection far outshines its other inventory. But only pants…never!

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