Manacea comic
[[Roll of duct tape next to taped lava lamp]] Duct Tape: temporarily fixes physical problems. [[Drunk guy at bar, head down holding beer.]] Beer: temporarily fixes emotional problems. [[Pabst in the Duct-Kooze]] The Duct-Kooze: temporarily fixes ALL problems.

11/27/11 6:00AM

Call now and get the limited edition, Duct-Kooze-Plus: Bonus Panel!!! Remember, since the drunk and disorderly are especially prone to havoc, the Duct-Kooze is ideal for fixing that which its very alcohol helps destroy.

If any amateur inventors want to take our innovation gold and construct one of these bad boys, we’ll be sure to post pictures and credit the creator with oodles of Nipples Points. And really, it’s nearly as cool as any of these poorly numbered 10 Most Bizarre Uses.