Flash in the Panel

Flash in the Panel comic
Reverse: Just so we're clear: after I kill you, I'm going to kill your friends. Reverse: And then I'm going to kill your father. Reverse: I always win, Falsh. Eddie: [[off panel]] Not today villain! [[Flash beaten in background. Eddie pointing gun to his own head.]] Eddie: Since you're from the future, and I'm your great grandfather, there's one way to stop you. Flash: Eddie, you don't need to shoot yourself, just don't have sex with his great-grandmother. Flash: What are you, slow or something!? [[Flash getting beaten more.]] Eddie: [[offpanel]] How am I supposed to know who his great-grandmother is? Flash: He's white, isn't he? Flash: Vow to never again have sex with white chicks. Flash: Keep up with me here. [[Close up on Eddie clenching fists, squints eyes.]] Eddie: Okay, I'm vowing. Eddie: I'm vowing as hard as I can! Eddie: Is it working? [[Flash getting beaten by black version of Reverse-flash with an elaborate fade.]] Flash: Nope. Not even a little. Flash: New plan: Flash: Decide to get a vasectomy. [[Close up on Eddie clenching fists, squints eyes.]] Eddie: Did that do it? Flash:(from off panel) No. Still getting punched. Eddie: How 'bout now? Flash: (off panel) Nope. Still getting punched. Eddie: Hmmm. Eddie: Must be I'm going to will have forgotten to do it. Eddie: [[space between this and previous line]] This is all so complicated. [[Gun back to the head.]] Eddie: You know what, I'll just stick with Plan A. Flash: [[offpanel]] That's probably for the best, Eddie

3/2/16 7:45AM

A majority of the mediocre television I ingest is super-power flavored. The Flash may contain enough nutritive content to be part of a balanced diet. Fact is, as someone who experienced the 90s, I won’t trust the CW. Ergo, I’ve not seen The Flash. Luckily, viewership is not a prerequisite to make bad Flash puns or to discuss the ramifications of its time travel use. Just blame Will for inaccuracies.

Your weekly dose of bonus panel is, as always, hiding beneath the star icon. This week, I made a second bonus panel that benefits from having seen the show, or so Will tells me.


Couple nights before we wrote this comic, the lovely Blaze and I received a shipment glutted with bubble wrap. Not wanting to let it go to waste, we decided to play a game where we’d lay out a 10ft strip on the floor, mark a halfway point, and race to see who could stomp all of their bubbles first. It was tremendous for the first 15 or so seconds. I’m confident I was going to win. But our meddling downstairs neighbor had to come and remind us that she existed.

This is all to say, I’m pretty sure we’re these people.

Nipples Out,