Deus Ex Officio

Deus Ex Officio comic
[[Business man behind desk interviewing a candidate. Manager sign.]] [[Interviewee is classic God trope. Robe, long white beard with god halo.]] Interviewer: What would you say is your biggest weakness?

3/18/15 7:15PM

Someone with a better working theological base ought to throw together God’s resume.

Previous work: Universal Engineer, Prehistory – Present, tasks included modeling consistent physics, making everything, smiting

Skills: transubstantiation, omniscience, omnipotence

Hobbies: Appearing to random people in unexpected places, more smiting

In some ways the strip and in all ways the bonus panel address the omnipotence paradox. As a filling between bread aficionado, I prefer the stoner version with its mouthwatering and unthinkably large sandwiches. Despite my agnostic-leaning-to-athiest tendencies, I see a lot of sense in the Christian Apologist defense to the paradox: God can no more create such a sandwich than he can divine 1+1=3; both are equally semantic nonsense. Who would have thought applying reason to religion could help it appear more, well, reasonable?

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