Chops, Whee!

Chops, Whee! comic
[[Two guys, both with facial hair. One with no side-burns]] Guy: I'm sorry, Jeb. But you just don't have the chops. Narrator: Unfortunately, it was true: Jebediah didn't stand a chance at this year's Beard and Moustache Championship.

11/6/11 6:00AM

Take 2: Bonus Panel!!!

Jebediah and his Amish brethren really ought to start raking in the whisker titles with their societal upper hand. If it doesn’t violate their religious ideals, it can’t be long before they realize their true callings.

As denizens of the internet, you’re surely stumbled upon pictures of real competitions. Some of these men can grow such mighty whiskers that one hesitates before labeling this satire.



11/6/11 6:05AM

Hmm, maybe the title’s not as clear as I wanted it to be. Sound it out.