Bring in the Noise, Bring in the Funk

Bring in the Noise, Bring in the Funk comic
[[ 'Bev "Steeltoe" Biffston' ]] [[ 'James Brown's Foley' ]] Bev: Bassists: the unsung heroes!? Bassists! Bassists are the backbone of a funk band, the star of the show. They're practically tanning in the limelight. Bev: I'll tell you who's the unsung hero of funk. [[Still interveiw.]] Bev: Me. The foley. Bev: All those grunts and shouts. The fancy oohs and ahhs. Bev: A funk singer's too busy remembering his dance moves and looking good. Bev: You need a dedicated player. With the rage of an ostrich, the swinging limbs of a gorilla, and the rage of another gorilla. [[Zoomed in to the right of the singer on stage.]] [[Bev kicking the shitkicker.]] Bev: Get up! Shitkicker: Ow! Bev: Get on up! Shitkicker: Yow! Shitkicker: Hit me! [[Back to the interview now you can see the shitkicker sitting next to him beat up. With a Zildjian tracksuit.]] Bev: What? Him an unsung hero?! Bev: The shitkicker. Ha! Bev: He's just my instrument. [[Zippy Conrad]] [[Shitkicker]]

9/19/12 11:59PM

The appropriate soundtrack.

It’s been a while, guys. I hope you’ve missed us. I know I’ve missed you, or at least the adoring fans that I imagine you to be. Even if adoring ain’t your thing, I still missed you. Just not as much. I’d recommend more adoring. Stat.

This comic, like many of ours, would have worked better as a live video. At least an animated video. Seeing as Will and I are states apart now, and we can’t even keep to our once a week schedule, seems unlikely that we’ll be making any videos in the near future. Maybe you should rely on these guy’s for your video-comic fix in the interim.

Nipples Out,