A Very Nipples Christmas Part 5

A Very Nipples Christmas Part 5 comic
[[Humphry standing next to Stanislav pinned to the wall upside-down with arrows.]] Stan: Am I alive? Humphry: Apparently. Stan: Ughhhhhhh. Humphry: I usually like to keep a hands-off policy with these theories of yours, but THIS has my attention. [[close up of upside down Stan head]] Stan: I should have known better. Stan: He's dyed his duds red and added frills, but the rest is all a ruse. Stan: There's no sleigh. No reindeer. Stan: No chimneys or ho ho hos. Stan: No rosy cheeks or "What would you like for Christmas, little boy?" [[Humphry walking off]] Stan: The only question I remember is "Where should I stick this boot?" and I don't recall an opportunity to respond. Mo: [[off-panel]] Humphry, get in here, somebody left us presents! Humphry: What'd we get? Stan: Too little too late. Stan: That's what. Humphry: [[off-panel]] Fuck yeah, a new apron! Stan: Big mistake, Claus. Stan: You should've killed me when you had the chance. Narrator: Coming Christmas 2011 Narrator: A Very Nipples Christmas 2: Narrator: The Wreath of Con Narrator: Christmas is about to get Christmessier.

1/05/11 4:51AM

I’ve never seen an episode, so I really have no right to make any sort of Star Trek pun. Plus, now our hands are tied; Genghis’s got to make an appearance next year. Prepare yourself for the requisite raping and pillaging.

Thus concludes our first foray into Christmas. A little late, I know; we’re still figuring out details like timing. Also, there are a few minuscule questions we’ve left unanswered. For example, how is Robin Hood immortal? Don’t quote me on this, but my best bet is that he’s a Highlander. We’ll have to atone with next year’s special. The battle between Smoodge and Santa can only escalate. For now, Santa Hood: 1, Smoodge: 0. Beware Clause, Hippos don’t like losing.



1/05/11 4:51AM

I apologize for the lack of effort on the drawing side in this one (see: solid gray background). For the first time in 2 years, I am, regrettably, ill. So c’mon, gimme a break.