A Very Nipples Christmas Part 3

A Very Nipples Christmas Part 3 comic
Narrator: Over time, Robin Hood developed a knack for knowing exactly what children wanted, and more importantly, exactly where to get it. Narrator: 1565 Store Owner: Some band of miscreants have purloined our entire stock of hoop-and-sticks. Off-panel: What ever will the children trundle? Narrator: 1958 [[Same positioning of everything, including pose of shop keeper, except sterile 1950's look]] Store Owner: A gang of doggone rascals has pinched all our hula-hoops. Off-panel: What now? Off-panel: I'll not have my child gyrating outside the numinous confines of a hoop! [[Panel split in 3]] [[News Reporter holding notes in two hands, little box in top right with picture of appropriate toy. News reporter has a different hat or tie or something in each panel, but otherwise is exactly the same.]] Narrator: 1983 News Reporter: Retailers face customer outrage as stores across the county report empty shelves of My Little Ponies. Narrator: 1984 News Reporter: ...Care Bears. Narrator: 1985 News Reporter: ...Cabbage Patch Kids. Narrator: 1998 [[Manager holding back the door, talking to a clearly frightened Steve]] store manager: Can't hold 'em back much longer. Goddamnit, soldier, where the hell are the Furbies? Steve: Sir, they're gone. Vanished, just like the tamagotchis last year. You don't think... Manager [[interrupting]]: You know damn well it wasn't the Tamagotchi Bandit. Manager: It couldn't have been. Manager: His M.O. was tamagotchis.

12/29/10 4:25AM

Three deep and going strong. If you missed Monday’s extra comic, (1) go back and read it so you know where we’re at (2) subscribe to the RSS so this sort of disaster never recurs.

This one got me looking at the top selling toys for the past 50 Christmases or so. This chart condenses the information into a tidy little picture if you’re interested. Hooray, nostalgia. Apparently, American kids go bonkers for useless robots.

Plastic wiffle ball bats aren’t normally that short or fat. It’s just that that specific bat holds a special place in our comedic hearts.


P.S.: 10 nipples points to anyone who knows what comic we borrow from here.