A Fitting Gesture

A Fitting Gesture comic
[[Close up of pants]] Narrator: In a symbolic gesture [[Pan out to pants being held up by rope]] Narrator: Of general superiority [[Pan out to someones legs on dresser about to jump in]] Narrator: I put my pants on Narrator: Two legs at a time.

4/27/16 4:15AM

Another photo comic means Will’s super busy behind the scenes. Not our scenes, mind you. Someone else’s scenes. Terrible student scenes that he’s required to grade. But I can’t take all the credit. Despite him having left me to fend for myself this week, he did write this comic in what, I can only imagine, is a biographical snippet sent via text message. Thus, the bonus panel is more honorary homage than fact.

Fending for myself, though, afforded me opportunity to recruit the lovely Blaze to assist in the photo shoot. As key grip, of course, a title that provides all the euphemism I could hope for in a film credit. Sure, two legs at a time doesn’t necessitate jumping into said pants. One could imagine an easier technique sitting on one’s bottom. But if I’m going to face the wrath of a sleepy Blaze, forced into indentured photography, far past her bedtime, I’m gonna go the extra mile. Which in this case was about 4 feet atop a rickety dresser.

Pants off,