Unrequested Guest Comic #1: Flamingos

Unrequested Guest Comic #1: Flamingos comic
[[In the style of The Far Side]] [[Two flamingos, in classic one-legged pose]] Flamingo: I'm putting my foot down! Narrator: Gary finally takes a stand against monopodism.

12/12/10 1:04AM

We came up with this strip and almost threw it away, for it didn’t match our typical tone. You know what? To hell with tone. Instead, we wrote a homage to one of our influences. Bet you can guess who that is? He’s sure to be so inspired by the quality that he’ll have no choice but to return to the business.

If you’ve been here before, I assume you’ve noticed that my writing tends toward the flowery side of the spectrum. Working under these constraints helped me practice being terse but still packing in the jokes. Also, the art is markedly crisper and less busy than Will’s normal style, that is to say, there are fewer indistinguishable amorphous blobs in the background. Hopefully, I can handle reverting back to the more blobular universe for our normal fare.

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