Muff Muff

Muff Muff comic
[[Stan passing out hats to Mr. Wizard Hat, Two Bit Bill Nye, and Steve. Everyone is outside bar behind velvet rope. Mo and Humphry in front.]] Stan: A hat for you. Stan: One for you Stan: and for you Stan: and for Stan: Oh, well this is awkward. [[Stan and she-hippopotamus]] Hippo: Muff muff. Stan: Don't you dare blame me for not calling. You gave me the leeches. Hippo: Muff muff. Stan: I don't care that you left clothes at the house. You're dead to me. [[Stan orating to crowd.]] Hippo: Muff muff. Stan: No. Everyone needs to hear this. Stan: ATTENTION FELLOW PATRONS: Stan: SHIELD YOUR NETHERS FROM THIS SHE-BEAST AND HER FILTHY BUM! [[Talking closer to hippo]] Hippo: Muff muff. Stan: What!? Stan: In your- Stan: where? Stan: No. [[Orating again]] Stan: CORRECTION Stan: HER FILTHY MUFF.

5/11/11 3:00AM

In the past, the she-beast’s muffs weren’t in bubbles. That’s cause back then she wasn’t saying anything of use. That’s right, every muff works. I know, we’re awesome. What!? You have a problem with the third. Fine, it’s a stretch. Consider it short for “muffle,” or better yet, a nod to Old School.

As the lovable face of this operation, it feels wrong to make Smoodge so mean. But as with Santa before this, it’s apparent that our spokes-hippo does not like being crossed.

If you haven’t been keeping up, we posted the promised extra comic this week. How about another incentive, this time no deadline? Spread the word and help us get to 75, and BOOM, ‘nother bonus comic. Easy peasy.



5/11/11 3:00AM

Lemon squeezy.