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[Older Toby not yet yelling, but almost realizing that he blames Sarah] Toby: I bust my ass for minimum just to support a wife and kid who both hate me. Toby: You know what, Sarah? This is [[bold]]your[[bold]] fault. Toby: Think of what I could have had. [[Dance Magic Dance scene from Labyrinth.]] Bowie: Dance Magic dance! Toby: I should be drinking goblin beer and singing goblin songs with David Bowie! Toby: David Bowie! Labyrinth: Where Are They Now

2/19/12 4:55PM

That’s right. It’s a reference to a mid-eighties movie, a pretty bad one at that. I’m sure you’re thinking, good job, old guy, making jokes about movies made before most of us were born, but I’ll have you know, this was Will’s idea. But much like any of his ideas, it took me, Rumpelstiltskin, to spin it into gold.

As my mind often does, especially when devising titles for these masterpieces, I veered into genital nomenclature. There’s a vaginal euphemism somewhere in labyrinth. I’m sure of it. I just haven’t found it yet. I’m juggling around ladyrinth and labiarinth. Nipples points go to anyone that can do better.



2/19/12 9:50PM

I resent Jesse’s claim that Labyrinth is a “bad movie.” I don’t know where he gets off passing judgment on something he hasn’t even seen. Just knowing that it stars a supple Jennifer Connelly alongside a spandex-wearing David Bowie (who boasts a respectable bulge, by the way) should be enough to convince him that this film has got to be gold. To all you Labyrinth haters out there, I say this: how can you disrespect a movie that spawned what is arguably Bowie’s best song?